vineri, 17 februarie 2012

Ceas robotel cu lantisor - VANDUT

1.100% Brand New
2.Unisex necklace Robot style Pocket Watches
3.White dial with black Arabic numbers, Archaize, antique style, analog display time.
Archaize, with pendant chain, black pins.
5.Bronze tone robot case, extremely cool, wonderful for kids, worth for collection.
6.Quartz movement

Model No.:iw2110
Watch Case
Watch Chain
Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
Case Diameter x Case Thickness: 2.2/2.2 x 0.8
Length : 82
Copper tone
Copper tone

luni, 13 februarie 2012

Rochie ocazie, foarte eleganta - 250 Ron

Rochie ocazie, foarte eleganta, marimea M/L
Lungime fara bretele: 135 cm
Lungime bretele: 18 cm
Bust: 94-105 cm
Sold: pana la 88-90 cm